Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Stolen campaign signs point to dirty city politics

Someone must be really afraid of the likely outcome of the runoff election in Peachtree City as the campaign has taken a decidedly nasty turn.

Since the general election it seems that Murray Weed campaign signs have been disappearing all over the city. I have been told by supporters of Mr. Weed that signs were taken right out of their yards.

Now, I don't know that Mr. Weed's opponent is actively behind this, but this vandalism is clearly intended to benefit her.

There is also a very negative campaign flyer being passed out in Planterra Ridge attacking Steve Brown. I would suggest to [mayoral candidate Gary] Rower that he stick to discussing his own positions and drop the negative attacks. Mr. Rower drew only about one-half the votes as did Steve Brown in the general election and the third-place finisher who was only slightly behind Mr. Rower has come out in support of Brown.

Mr. Rower and his establishment backers are worried and well they should be. I expect the voters to see through the negative campaigning. They will reject the status quo and bring a better, more open, way of doing business to our city. One that works for all of our citizens, not the favored few.

I strongly urge all voters to go to the polls on Nov. 27 and vote Steve Brown for mayor.

Robert Brown (no relation)

Peachtree City

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