Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Fritz has courage to make unpopular votes

[Carol Fritz] was accused in the newspaper of taking 10 separate courses that were a fabrication and do not exist. This distortion and attack was totally untrue and brings into question the credibility and character of the attacker.

Specifically, in Georgia, all elected officials in the State are encouraged to take part in education to ensure that they are aware of the laws and practices in the conduct of government. She has, in fact, attended 19 courses that do indeed exist.

In four years, she's missed only one Council meeting and that was due to attending the Municipal Leadership Institute.

Her attacker [Councilman Dan Tennant], on the other hand, has missed more meetings in his short two-year term on City Council than any council member in the history of Peachtree City, regardless of length of term. One must question his commitment to the city, his character and his motivation for attacking Carol.

While he is failing in his commitment, the rest of the council and staff must carry his load. He has missed the two most important meetings of the year: the city budget workshops. Meanwhile, he sits in council meetings talking about fiscal restraint while he doesn't know what is in the budget or why. His lack of effort has put additional work on the plates of the rest of council, and one must ask why?

The reason, I think, is clear. It is an attempt to vilify Carol Fritz for Home Depot and Wal-Mart coming to PTC his campaign pledge. I supported this character assassin two years ago, believing his rhetoric and promises.

What of his pledge about large retail? He didn't do his homework. He didn't know the law. He made campaign promises that could never be kept. And I didn't know them either! But is Carol Fritz to blame for them? Not hardly. Circumstances leading to the doors being unlocked to these retail stores were "opened" long before Carol was elected to council. But she is guilty. She's guilty of forcing concessions from the developers that will benefit the citizens that would have been lost in an extended and extremely costly litigation process in the courts. Thank you, Carol, for being "guilty."

Jack Fearneyhough

Peachtree City

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