Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Fritz saved PTC taxpayers an unwinnable lawsuit

[I am sorry Dan Tennant made a political issue of [Carol Fritz's] vote for the Home Depot-Wal-Mart building permits, as if she were in favor for those stores. I have supported Dan in the past, and it is unusual for a councilman who is not up for reelection to become involved in the reelection campaign of a fellow councilwoman.

Certainly, neither she, nor most of the active citizens of Peachtree City were for the granting of building permits to Wal-Mart and Home Depot. And it would have been so easy for her to join Dan and Annie in voting against them. But, Dan knew it, and all of the others knew, that this Council had inherited a zoning from years past that allowed the building of those stores, and demagoging the issue would not change the fact that, as advised by the City Attorney, the companies could not be denied those permits.

The mayor, Councilman Brooks and Councilwoman Fritz voted to grant the permits, thereby saving the city tens of thousands of dollars to defend two lawsuits, (and possibly millions of dollars if the stores had joined in the lawsuits) the outcomes of which were certain. And, the stores would have been built anyway, and probably without the innovations agreed to between the city and the developers. To vote against it, and hear cheers and accolades, or vote right and be besmirched. She did her duty. She stood up to be counted.

I like Carol Fritz. I am going to vote for her. I think we should reelect her. She has earned our respect. I was one of those who encouraged her to run again, knowing that the Home Depot-Wal-Mart matter would be broached. But, instead of being an accusation, I suggest that said vote should be designated as Carol's red badge of courage.

William H. Cooper, Jr.

Peachtree City

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