Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Weed: More cops for west side, no new taxes

I wanted to take an opportunity to address the substantial number of voters who turned out in the Nov. 6 election. Both myself and my campaign volunteers were thrilled at the concern and attention that the voting public showed in this important election. More personally, however, we would like to give a heartfelt thanks to all of those who supported our campaign.

Each of us in the campaign has enjoyed the opportunity to get out and meet the people of Peachtree City. Our citizens are people who keep abreast of the important issues facing our city and vote the strength of their convictions when the time comes. The Weed Campaign has every intention to continue to knock on doors, telephone, and ask for permission to put up signs. We will maintain those efforts to get out our message.

In part our message includes the following goals: bridge the gap between the city and the county; provide necessary police services for the west side of the city; reaffirm that we will not support rampant annexation or tax increases when experts have clearly stated that no tax increase is necessary; and we will not support unneeded pay raises for elected city officials. We will continue to support recreation for senior citizens, and to control taxes and fees, so that Peachtree City will continue to be a place where older Americans on fixed incomes will want to and will be able to retire. Likewise, we will continue to support local businesses and families, which help make our community a strong, vibrant place to live.

To the citizens that voted in the Nov. 6 election, we wanted to thank you and we wanted to remind you that it is just as important to vote on Nov. 27. Please come out again on Nov. 27 or vote absentee ballot, and let your voice be heard.

For those who voted for candidates other than the incumbent, now is the time to unify your support and send a clear message that the time is ripe for a change.

Throughout the campaign, we have consistently talked about basic issues and a plan of action to resolve some problems in the city. More importantly, we have tried to support a new vision and direction for the city government. We will continue to stay the course of our campaign and talk about these important issues.

Once again, we would like to tell the voting public and all of Peachtree City thank you for your tremendous outpouring of faith and support. Remember, on Nov. 27 Peachtree City can Win With Weed.

Murray J. Weed,

Candidate Post 4

Peachtree City Council

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