Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Wellman, Tennant grow up

Ever wonder why a voter would consider not exercising their privilege to vote and would rather stay away from the political "scenes" in Peachtree City?

Before I do, I want to make it clear that I don't know Dan Tennant, Fred Wellman, Carol Fritz, Annie McMenamin or Steve Rapson, and barely recalled that Bob Lenox is our mayor. I have no idea what their political views are, or how they have voted in the past and I have no idea who are their political "friends" or "enemies."

It is very apparent from John Munford's lead article in the Nov. 2 Peachtree Citizen Review that there is a lot of discord between some members of the city council and at least one member of the city council (Dan Tennant) and a private citizen (Fred Wellman). It is obvious, by the article, that these two do not like each other and appear to have "political and personal" differences for some time. So be it.

This article is a perfect example of why there are people that are just fed up with the political "bashing" in Peachtree City. In the article it quotes Wellman's e-mail in part: "You foolishly believed that my calls for an end to the fighting means I am afraid of a fight." It further goes on to state, "I am not and I'm not afraid of you."

This is something that 5-year-olds would say to one another, "I'm not afraid of yooooou."

I was appalled by Mr. Tennant's lack of judgment to involve our police department in an e-mail "cat fight" between him and this guy Wellman. Our police department is supposed to be at the highest level of alert. For Mr. Tennant to take valuable police time to file a complaint that subsequently required a police officer to be pulled away from more important duties, in order to get a written statement from Wellman, is nothing short of absurd.

I assume he was elected because his constituents felt he would be a benefit to the community in managing the affairs of our city. He would do better for our community if he would concentrate on the important items of government rather than political bickering. With this nonsense it makes me wonder if Mr. Tennant is a benefit to the political process.

I'm the type of person that likes to look at a problem and come up with a solution, rather than just criticize. With that, I'd like to suggest a solution. It is something I do with my small grandchildren when they act like babies.

Mr. Tennant, Mr. Wellman, go stand in a corner until you can be civil to one another; you are both acting like babies. Concentrate on what is important and quit wasting our time.

Walt Nowak

Peachtree City

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