Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Lakly endorses Brown over 'business as usual' Rower

I am taking this opportunity to thank my many supporters who recognized that my ability, experience, and knowledge were important to the future of Peachtree City. I deeply appreciate your encouragement, financial support, yard sign locations, and loyalty to a candidate who tells it like it is. While I may have lost this election, I have not lost my personal integrity and commitment to representing my fellow citizens and taxpayers.

On the subject of the election just concluded, in 11 campaigns (of which seven were successful) and 12 years of public service to Peachtree City, Fayette County, and citizens of Georgia, I have NEVER faced a more capable, dedicated, knowledgeable or worthy opponent than Steve Brown.

During the many forums that were held to help educate and inform the voters/citizens of Peachtree City, my respect and admiration of Steve Brown's personal commitment to Peachtree City grew forum by forum. I found Steve Brown to be positive and with the best interests of Peachtree City foremost in his campaign.

Some have said that Steve Brown is negative. I firmly believe that Steve is merely focusing attention on the issues that have negatively affected each and every one of our lifestyles: i.e., big box shopping centers and self-serving annexation to benefit the developers and builders (supported by Steve's opponent), not permitting the voters to vote on bond referendums (his opponent believes that the mayor and City Council know best Rotary forum Oct. 9, not to mention buses coming down the medium strip of Ga. Highway 74 (Republican forum Nov. 4).

The reality is that Steve Brown earned 47 percent of the vote in a four-way race and that pretty much sums it up! I heartily endorse Steve Brown for mayor, and urge all of my wonderful supporters to help elect Steve Brown as OUR new mayor on Tuesday, Nov. 27.

The "business as usual" crowd has already started a whispering campaign to discredit Steve Brown. Don't listen to their trash! Your vote and support of Steve Brown will guarantee that your voice will be heard and your best interests well served. Your vote for the future of Peachtree City is in your hands! Don't let the special interest groups and the "business as usual" crowd dictate your future.

God bless America!

Dan Lakly

Peachtree City

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