Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Brown: Thanks for your vote; let's do it again

A special thanks goes to the voters for turning out in an off-year election! We need to do it one more time on Nov. 27. Please mark your calendars.

Dan Lakly ran a campaign to be proud of and I enjoyed his straightforward insights on the issues that we will face in the upcoming years. Mr. Lakly is a political icon in our community, having held city, county and state elected offices. He is a 100 percent class act and I greatly appreciate his support of my annexation by popular referendum initiative.

I met Frank Murphy for the first time after he decided to run in September. Mr. Murphy lives up to his billing of being a charming, personable individual that has a strong interest in the well-being of our community. He added a sense of humor to the campaign and was the delight of the McIntosh High students forum.

Behind every man running for elected office is a great woman. Mrs. Lakly and Mrs. Murphy are no exceptions to this rule. It was my pleasure and privilege to speak with both of these ladies and they have reinforced my belief that our hard-working moms are the true backbone of our community.

Steve Brown

PTC mayoral candidate

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