Sunday, October 28, 2001

Council changing work session schedule

A very light agenda is on tap for the Fayetteville City Council next week, and part of relates to the council's actual meeting schedule.

Flat Rock out of playoffs

It's official Flat Rock Middle School's football team is not in the playoffs.

Collins' Washington office still empty

Rep. Mac Collins has announced some changes in his office's contact information in the wake of the recent anthrax concerns.

Newnan mall hopes to open in 2004

Within three years, the shopping landscape on the south side could be dramatically altered.

Hello, this is America

Here is one I feel we all need to read. Please read it in the context in which it was written. No attempt is made to put down any group of people but to uplift Americans who are constantly told these days, "Quit being an American; it's not politically correct." This was sent to me by my dear friend John Sawyer. The author is unknown.


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