Sunday, October 28, 2001

Collins' Washington office still empty


Rep. Mac Collins has announced some changes in his office's contact information in the wake of the recent anthrax concerns.

"Due to the continued safety concerns caused by the receipt of an anthrax tainted letter at Congressional offices, the House of Representatives leadership has made the decision to keep House office buildings closed until further notice," according to a written statement from his office.

"Currently, and for and undetermined time, we are unable to receive mail in our Washington, D.C. office. Therefore, we are asking all constituents to contact us through our district offices or by fax or e-mail."

Collins has two local offices in Columbus (706-327-7228) and Jonesboro (770-603-3395). E-mail messages can still be sent to, and his Web site ( is up and running as well.

All invitations and scheduling requests are to be sent to the Jonesboro office (fax number is 770-603-3402) to the attention of Pat Koch.

" While the House office buildings are closed, we are utilizing temporary office space and meeting as a legislative body in the Capitol," the statement read. "We will make sure that the people's business is getting done. We appreciate your assistance and patience during this time."


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