Sunday, October 28, 2001

Council changing work session schedule


A very light agenda is on tap for the Fayetteville City Council next week, and part of relates to the council's actual meeting schedule.

A revision is expected to be approved next Thursday that would change the work sessions each month from Wednesday to Thursday. Regular council meetings are first and third Thursdays, and work sessions are the week before.

The move was to make everything simpler by having all four meetings each month the same night of the week. Mayor Kenneth Steele joked that it would help "all of us over 30" remember what night to come to City Hall.

If approved next week, the change would take effect the following week with a Nov. 8 work session. Work sessions and regular meetings are at 7:30 p.m.

Just before this week's work session, a special called meeting was convened so the council could give a proclamation honoring Peachtree City Mayor Bob Lenox, who is stepping down soon after 10 years in office. The city wished to recognize Lenox for his leadership and work for the entire county during the past decade.


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