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Friday, July 18, 2003

Perdue signs hunting-fishing law

Governor Sonny Perdue recently signed a bill (House Bill 815) into law that addresses various hunting and fishing issues, including changes to hunting and fishing license sales, alligator hunting issues and hunting deer with dogs, announces the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division.

"The law signed by the Governor will positively impact Georgia's sportsmen and women in a variety of ways," said WRD Chief of Game Management Todd Holbrook. "The Division is confident that hunters and anglers will benefit from these law changes and particularly from the improved customer service related to changes in the license validation period."

One of the major law changes in H.B. 815 is related to hunting and fishing licenses.Beginning in March 2004, hunting and fishing licenses will be good for a full year from the day they are purchased.Currently, all hunting and fishing licenses expire in March regardless of when someone purchases it, except for lifetime licenses.

H.B. 815 also implements alligator hunting law changes (effective July 1), including making it legal to hunt alligators at night and with the use of a light (cannot exceed 12 volts).Last month, the Board of Natural Resources approved a two-week alligator hunting season in parts of Georgia on a limited quota basis.H.B. 815 outlines legal weapons for use in hunting alligators, including hand-held ropes or snares, gigs or arrows with restraining lines and the use of any caliber handgun or bangstick for dispatch purposes.

H.B. 815 also impacts hunters who use dogs to hunt deer by requiring a permit ($100/annual, $25/2-day) be issued to all property owners or lessees deer hunting with dogs on their land (effective July 1).Permitted property cannot be less than 1,000 contiguous acres.All dogs and vehicles used in hunting deer on the permitted property must be identified with the permit number.Additional regulations and guidelines for implementation of this new requirement are still being developed.Hunters needing information about changes to dog/deer hunting laws and permit regulations should visit the WRD Web site, select hunting and review a posted Q&A fact sheet.Permits will be available on the website and at WRD Game Management Offices after July 1.

For more information about all recent law changes and proposed regulation changes, visit the WRD website at or contact the WRD Game Management Office at 770-918-6416.

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