Coweta County SAT scores rise, closes gap with national scores

Thu, 08/31/2006 - 2:53pm
By: The Citizen

The average score for Coweta County students taking the SAT rose while test-takers nationwide did not perform as well on the college entrance exam, according to figures released by the College Board on Tuesday.

The average SAT 1 test score for 2006 Coweta County high school seniors rose to the highest level ever, 1013, while national and state averages dropped, putting Coweta County 23 points over the state average and only 8 points under the national average.

Northgate High School’s average math and verbal score rose to 1039, placing the school well above the national average of 1021. Newnan High School surpassed the national average with a score of 1037 in 2002.

This is also the first SAT 1 report which includes the new writing portion of the test, in addition to the math and verbal sections of the test. Overall, Coweta County students scored 1508, combining all three sections of the test, compared to a state average of 1477 and a national average of 1518.

Northgate high school students surpassed the national average overall for the second year in a row, and surpassed the national average on the verbal and writing portions of the test.

East Coweta High School students surpassed the national average on the verbal portion of the SAT. Newnan, East Coweta and Northgate High Schools all scored above the state average on every section of the test.

“With this being the first test using the new SAT format, I am pleased with the scores,” said Superintendent Blake Bass. “Coweta County students were well prepared. Our teachers at all three high schools have done a wonderful job. As a system we are moving closer and closer to our goal of scoring above the national level.”

When the high schools’ scores are based on the highest student score from multiple sittings, the averages are 1550 for Northgate (1052 math and verbal), 1487 for Newnan High School (1013 math and verbal), and 1491 for East Coweta High School (1015 math and verbal). Coweta County’s estimated average score by that method is 1509 (1027 math and verbal).

Coweta high school principals attributed the rise in SAT scores overall to strong academic preparation such as Advanced Placement course offerings and other opportunities, as well as test preparatory support in the schools.

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