The Home Source Realtors Offers Multilingual Real Estate Services

Tue, 08/08/2006 - 1:06pm
By: The Citizen

Multilingual home source realtors
"Enque le puedo ayudar?" " Puis je vous aider?" "Kann ict sie hilfe?" "May I help you?" The Home Source Realtors, with several Realtors and staff fluent in languages other than English, offers customers the benefit of conducting real estate transactions in their native language.

Peachtree City, Newnan, Fayetteville and other cities on Atlanta's Southside are popular residential destinations for people drawn to the travel hub of Hartsfield-Atlanta Atlanta International Airport, and thriving business climate of greater Atlanta. The Home Source Realtors, with Realtors and staff speaking German, French, Polish, Spanish, Dutch, Flemish, Africaans, or the several languages and dialects of the Philippines, often helps foreign language speaking customers feel at home in their own language.

"Language is a natural bridge between cultures," said Andre Kok of the Peachtree City General Brokerage office and a native of South Africa. Kok, who speaks Africaans, Dutch and Flemish, added, "With modern technology, the world is becoming smaller and people from many cultures interact with each other much more frequently. A common language offers an instant comfort level."

Sarah Harris of the Newnan General Brokerage office, who was raised in France, and fellow French speaker Quebec, Canada native Diane Dessailly, builder representative at SummerGrove, note that an added bonus of being familiar with another language often gives insight to the real estate needs of citizens from those areas.

"People from other countries, where homes are often smaller than here, may be accustomed to less space," said Harris. "Having lived in other countries provides opportunities to understand the special needs of home buyers from abroad where homes and customs are different."
The Home Source Realtors several Spanish speakers are often called on to assist customers. Jenny Turner, the company's Web administrator and a native of Panama, has served as translator for home buyers at closings.

Dennisse Ramos, New York City-born of Cuban and Dominican parents and a builder representative at SummerGrove, often uses her bi-lingual English-Spanish skills to clarify communication between contractors and customers buying new homes. "It can make the difference between a wall being painted purple or beige," she added.

Elena Ramsey of the Newnan General Brokerage office, who is from Mexico, has developed a large customer base of persons from Latin and Central America, and conducts most of her business in Spanish. "People from other cultures often have different expectations when purchasing a home. Hispanics often prefer tile or hardwood flooring since homes in their native countries rarely have carpet," she added. In addition, to further assist her customers, Ramsey has developed a network of mortgage lenders and closing attorneys who also speak Spanish.

"Home buyers often appreciate detailed explanations of the complexities of a real estate contract explained in their own language," said Spanish-speaking Ileanne Price of the Fayette General Brokerage office, who is from Columbia. "It's important to be sensitive to other cultures, where home sellers or buyers may negotiate contracts in a manner that is more formal or reserved than we are accustomed to in this country."

Philippine native Marilou Rogers of the The Home Source Realtors' Peachtree City General Brokerage office is a world traveler who most recently spent several years living in Germany. Speaking various Philippine languages and dialects in addition to English, German and Spanish, she added, "People moving to the United States at times are unaware they can afford to purchase a home here. Many options are available so they can become home owners."

Anna Cramer is a builder representative at SummerGrove. She is fluent in Polish and German. "Even within the United States there are areas where languages in addition to English are common," she said, having recently assisted customers relocating here from a Polish neighborhood in New Jersey.

"Being in transition can be stressful, and assisting customers in their first language is a courtesy. It increases their comfort level and facilitates an easier home purchase or sale," she added.

The Home Source Realtors has been offering superior customer service for more than 20 years. With The Home Source Realtors, however you say it, it's an easier and more comfortable "Bienvenidos a casa!" "Bienvenue chey vous!" "Wilkommen!" "Welcome home!"

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