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Ain't this a b..b...booger

Submitted by eodnnaenaj1 on Thu, 08/03/2006 - 9:17am.
Do not miss my point, this is NOT about the candidate(s), the election, etc., my point, the audacity of the email below, apparently sent as an email blast.

I need input to help me understand - - do “friends”, who are in the business “helping others” through their day-to-day job, various organizations, ministries, etc. “friends” who indicate that they care and want to help -- yet there is never a result or contact -- ummm where I come from it is referred to as your mouth writing a check your a$% can’t cash. Based on that careless caring, doesn’t it take a lot of nerve to send an email like this? Or am I just very confused?

My friends,

As you know my wife L**** W**** is in a runoff for the Post 4 position on the Fayette County Commission. Despite receiving more than 3,000 votes more than her next nearest opponent, she fell 194 votes short of the necessary 50% majority.

Turn out will be critical for this runoff election. I humbly as your support for L**** on August 8th.

If you did not vote in the July 18th primary, you can still vote in the runoff. If you know you will be out of town on the 8th you can vote now during the early voting period by going to the county elections office at 140 Stonewall between now and Friday at 5 PM.

I thank you so much, for your support.

Your friend,

P** B******

My britches are really in a bunch here, and I need a second opinion to help me understand "friends". To sum it all up, I quote Alice’s Restaurant – “you got a lot of d_ _ _ gall”, to send this email for “help”.

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