P---oison S---till C---ontaminating

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The PSC people have successfully appealed the order to stop accepting waste and clean up their facility. Just like a kid going from parent to parent until the answer given is the one he/she wants. Well it was a short trip for them to get re-opened. While I know that the people investigating PSC know how to do their job, I would still like to offer the following:

1) Research before the Memorial Day holiday, as the smell had been affecting those of us closer to the plant a few weeks earlier than the other people affected. Just in case you were wondering...oh you weren't, sorry!
2) Make sure you give PSC ample time to remove all dirt, soil, trucks, people, documents, debris, signatures, etc. that might help you find out what really is in our immediate environment. Seems as though you might have done this already, but give a little more time as they can probably use it
3) When going on their site, make sure you have given them plenty of warning that you are on you way, maybe a week or so would do. Also when you get on site, stay in the office area for the bulk of the day, as you did around the Fourth of July holiday when the EPS/EPA stayed inside the fence that is closest to the office and far away from the "tanks" that are used to process the MOCAP. I drove in 4 times and everyone was just standing by the "Emergency Reponse Unit" truck from the EPD. Andwho ever you were that chased me that day, you CAN NOT out RUN a fast car!! (haha)
4) Continue to make decisions that negatively affect the citizens around the plant. While we are the people that elected you, especially the few of you who are living in the affected area who are concerned solely because you are living in the area and not because you care, we are also the people you have to face everyday when you are shopping, driving, and even looking at contaminated communities. If you and your families were not being exposed to the chemicals then this would not even be an issue for you. PSC would still be the untouchable little plot of land that lies close to the Fayette Fulton line.
5) Make sure that when you have a little van full of people on the PSC site that you say you were there longer than you really were. It will make people trust you and think you are on their side. You and your friends could use it in an election year right...? (not directed at the EMTs I saw getting into the van before it left.
6) After doing your investigation: make sure that when asked a question, you do not to answer with an answer. Just fumble around like you have important info to spew out, then go off on a tangent about what was brought up last week, that will make us forget the real issue you know?!.

Well sorry again for the rant my fellow insecticide breathing community. For we should never be attacked by mosquitoes or gnats again I presume.................... Sorry bad joke, just trying to lighten up the mood a little before bed.

Good night!

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