PTC to vote on budget, annexation

Tue, 08/01/2006 - 4:02pm
By: John Munford

In a possible about-face, the Peachtree City Council may vote Thursday to spend funds this year to help design an expansion for The Gathering Place senior citizen’s center.

Council is also expected to vote on:

• The $34.83 million budget for the 2006-07 fiscal year, which includes three new police officers and three new firefighters with matching funds for up to six more firefighters through a grant program.

• A request from Group VI development corporation to prepare a detailed proposal to annex a 13-acre office site on Ga. Highway 74 south near Starr’s Mill High School. If approved, council would only agree to hear the matter at a later date after staff had time to investigate it.

To cover the budget and new positions, council voted Monday morning to increase the millage rate by 0.25 mills. That increase by itself would cost $20 on a home valued at $200,000, but the tax increase on a particular property’s tax bill also depends on how much the parcel’s assessed value has risen since last year.

Council has decided not to lower property taxes to negate the tax increase from the property reassessments, which will give the city an additional $417,000.

The design costs for The Gathering Place would cost $10,000 and design for additional fields at the Hwy. 74 baseball and soccer complex would cost $30,000. Staff is recommending the money come from contingency funds from this year’s budget.

Earlier this year, council axed the Gathering Place design from its budget and postponed construction. Officials said they wanted to see how much space will be available for the city to use at the Community Life building that is planned for the First Baptist Church campus.

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