Tue, 08/01/2006 - 3:35pm
By: The Citizen

Georgians have a new resource at their fingertips when they need information about a disaster or emergency, according to Governor Sonny Perdue. Developed at the Governor’s request, the newly launched Georgia911.org serves as a gateway to information regarding response and recovery activities, providing real-time information and a comprehensive list of available assistance during an emergency or disaster.

“The unprecedented magnitude of Hurricane Katrina and its impact on our state required the coordination of several agencies and the timely dissemination of resources and information,” said Governor Sonny Perdue. “Georgia911.org is a valuable resource that brings together government, the private sector and the volunteer community to strengthen the state of Georgia’s preparedness capabilities.”

The site is divided into six major sections: Contact Info, Emergencies and Threats, News and Events, Latest Emergency Info, Resources, and How Do I. Each section is clearly displayed and visitors can find anything they may need in less than three clicks. This information portal will provide real-time weather, traffic, evacuation, shelter and threat-level status reports during an active disaster or emergency. Resource links were provided by various local, state, federal, faith-based and volunteer organizations.

Georgia911.org’s launch, held in conjunction with the state’s hurricane preparedness exercise, is another tool to empower residents during an emergency or major event.

The mission of Georgia911.org is to provide timely, accurate information to the public during an emergency or disaster. For more information please visit www.Georgia911.org.

The Office of Homeland Security and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency conducted today’s exercise as a facilitated discussion designed around a “worst-case scenario” in which a Category 5 hurricane hit coastal Georgia. The exercise reviewed planning efforts; refined decision-making processes; and identified opportunities for improvement of preparedness. It also reviewed the execution of Georgia’s Hurricane Plan with emphasis on: gaining and maintaining situational awareness; pre-landfall deployment of resources; responding to requests for information and assistance; requesting and managing resources from the federal government and other states; and warning, evacuating, caring for, and informing citizens.

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