Eve of the Election

On the eve of the election I want to take a moment to thank all of the candidates that decided to run for office.

Deciding to run for any political office is a very serious discussion. One I don't believe any of the candidates entered into lightly. Your entire life is held up for everyone to pick a part and more than not what you read is either incorrect or a complete lie.

Why do they do it? Why do they put themselves and their families on line?

Because they believe they can make a difference. They care. They feel if you don't like the way things are being handled you need to step up to the plate and try and get things changed, not just sit back and complain.

Each of these positions require a great deal of personal sacrifice. Most of these candidates have full time jobs, families and other commitments that require much of their time. But they care so strongly about our city they want to help make it a better place to live.

I can say that I have had the privilege of meeting some wonderful people during this campaign. People that I probably would not have met had I not been involved. No matter who is elected I hope that I can continue these newly found friendships.

I ask that as citizens we all remember these indivduals are giving their time with their family, friends, and jobs. To help make our city a better place to live. I believe whoever is elected we need to work together.

Thanks for taking the time to be an informed voter

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