Perdue addresses S. Fulton Chamber

Mon, 07/24/2006 - 9:18am
By: Ben Nelms

Governor Sonny Perdue

South Fulton Chamber of Commerce is no stranger to having more than its share of noteworthy speakers at its monthly meeting. The organization’s meeting Thursday was no exception as Gov. Sonny Perdue took the podium before a large crowd at Georgia International Convention Center in College Park.

“South Fulton has now been discovered. The challenge now is how its managed, in such a pastoral area so close to downtown,” Perdue said. “And South Fulton is a unique place in Georgia. So how do we grow in a responsible way?”

Those remarks followed Perdue’s assessment of the economic strides Georgia has made during the past few years, especially in terms of the business climate. He said Georgia’s favorable business climate ranked #7 in the nation in 2003, #4 in 2004 and #3 in 2005.

“We’re working to be #1 with the best business climate in the nation,” he said.

Citing another survey, Perdue said Georgia is #1 in having the most promising economic outlook in America. And you have to work harder to stay there than you did to get there, he added.

“My goal for 2007 is to be the best managed state,” he said.

Perdue said the state faced a $640 million deficit when he took office, while new figures will show a June 30 surplus of more than $500 million.

“My job is to give business the edge to compete in the 21st century global economy,” Perdue said, again making the comparison between government and small business. “I’ve seen how business can flourish if government steps out of the way. It’s business, not government, that creates jobs. Government must give a level playing field so you can have a successful business climate. I want to continue the momentum by doing sustainable things in the good times.”

Perdue compared the significance of his goals for managing the Georgia economy with the benefits realized in any small business. He said the better managed a business becomes, the greater the benefit for both the owner and the employees.

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