Democrats, treat or trick?

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As many of you may know, I love history, all kinds of history. I love history because I love people, and am serious about the way we treat each other. History is very useful because when you overlay that with Christian thought, and the words and practice of Jesus, you have quite a different approach to life.

Many of us just went through Halloween and those coming to our doors in search of candy and treats. I know many in both the Christian world and the secular world may have strong feelings about Halloween, but that is not the thrust of this article. The point is that, people came to your door and asked you the question, “Do you want a trick, or would you rather give me a treat?”

I am getting to where I don’t want to watch the TV news anymore. I love our country very much and spent 30 years of my life in its defense. Therefore I do not like to watch the underhanded trickery the Democrats are foisting on our Country.

It used to matter little which party was in the White House because both parties were in their own minds, demonstrating their way of governing, spending money, and implementing those policies and programs which they thought were best for the country. Then, at the polls, we as Americans would say “yea” or “nay” to their policies and candidates at re-election time. Those days are over! This is not the case today. Trickery, with a promise of many treats, is where we are with the Democrats. I never thought I would see the day in America where a judge in some obscure courtroom would be dictating American law with total disregard for our fought-over and, in my opinion, sacred Constitution. Folks, this is very serious. This trickery must be exposed and stopped. When a political party, any political party, has to result to this kind of behavior and the behavior like we saw this past week with the Democrats shutting down the Senate, is beyond reprehensible!

If you are an old-time Democrat, as I was for years, and this was the party of your family, you need to start asking yourself some serious questions. Questions like: What values do the Democrats hold that you now hold? Do you believe that judges should legislate issues as the Congress [legislative branch of our government] was designed to do? If by chance, you are honest with yourself, and do hold their values, then you need to vote for them time and time again.

It is very tiring to me how the Democrats never learn a lesson. I thought that after their second defeat for the presidency they would regroup and ask, “Where are we, and where did we go wrong?” That questioning lasted for about three days on TV, until they regrouped and brought out the same old left-wing agenda, with the same old mantras, singing the same old tunes. They had a one liner and are still swinging their broken “bash Bush” bat. What they are missing again, and have for the last two elections, is that there are still thinking Americans out there that know the difference between substance and skullduggery.

The same old mantras continue with “there were no weapons of mass destruction” — which I might add, all Presidents, to include President Bill Clinton, and all credible leaders around the world believed were there. In fact I will go out on a limb here and say that if and when Saddam is off the scene, the Iraqis will start talking, and Bush will be totally vindicated. Then it will probably appear on the fourth page of our newspapers that he was right in going into Iraq. Don’t forget, liberals don’t usually learn anything.

In my generation, we were proud of that fact that America stood up for the little guy. In fact, we were taught that if you were the biggest guy on the block, you had a responsibility to help those who needed you. It came from our Sunday school lessons, with teachings like, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” I am proud to say, “Yes, we are our brothers’ keeper!”

It never ceases to amaze me how the liberal left sits in their entire air-conditioned splendor, with every freedom known to mankind, and sharpshoot our president who is attempting to free a country that has harbored terrorists for years. If you study terrorist organizations, they are mostly all connected in some way or the other, because no one else in their right minds but, a terrorist organization, would even talk to them. Saddam’s regime was itself a terrorist organization of the worst order. Wake up, America! Any “Democratic country” in the Middle East is good for America in the long run!

Democrats, we are ready to hand you, “Hillary, strike three!” Treat or trick?

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