Fairburn wants Fulton County to remain as is

Mon, 11/07/2005 - 11:32am
By: Ben Nelms

A move is underway to split Fulton County into two new counties. Taking up the issue Oct. 24, a resolution adopted by the Fairburn City Council said the answer was simple. They said no.

Council members adopted a resolution opposing any state legislation that would lead to the dividing of Fulton County into Milton County and Atlanta County, a move now being studied by the Senate Atlanta County and Milton County Study Committee, created through Senate Resolution 376.

Though SR 376 makes no direct mention of it, the question of the fate of Fulton County’s current municipalities if the plan were to gel remains unknown. Similarly, the fate of unincorporated South Fulton hangs in the balance, up for possible consolidation with the City of Atlanta.

“We wanted to oppose to movement to two counties being created out of Fulton County, with the north end being Milton and the other becoming Atlanta County,” Fairburn Mayor Betty Hannah said. “It would not be in our favor. Who would we be then?”

City resolution 023-05 said the Atlanta County/Milton County Study Committee was formed “to study the possible formation of two consolidated governments out of existing Fulton County as well as other options for restructuring local governments existing in Fulton County.”

Three of the four state Senators sponsoring SR 376 represent constituents in north Fulton, north DeKalb and east Cobb counties.

The City of East Point previously adopted a similar resolution.

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