Everybody is Talkin About Poker

My name is Loren Ackerman. I am a parent, an educator and the author of the 1st poker book for parents called Talkin About Poker: Straight Talk for Parents and their Players.

I just read the poker entries regarding your fundraisers and found them quite interesting. Poker can be dangerous for some people and safe for others. It is the parents responsiblity to be aware of their children's activities and evaluate their behaviors to be sure they are safe. My son has graduated from college with a degree in finance and is a successful professional poker player. I was terrified of addiction when I found out he was playing more than casually. It became my committment to determine if he needed professional intervention along with parenting. I needed to educate myself about the game, communicate often, openly and honestly with my son and observe his patterns of behavior to determine if he was headed down a dangerous path. My book is about parenting and communication and provides tips and information about poker playing and what to do if you have a college age child who is playing. Please feel free to respond if you would like to discuss my parental roller coaster ride or the topic of poker in detail at www.talkinaboutpoker.com

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