Robert Belisle

Thu, 11/03/2005 - 4:57pm
By: Candidates Forum

My wife Judy and I have chosen to live and raise our family here. We truly love Senoia and want nothing more than for it to remain the wonderfully unique place that it is. We have been fighting for this quality of life since 1996 when we first became politically active because of the failed community sewer system in Martinwood Subdivision.

I am asking for your vote so I can continue the fight. I am not making promises about what I can get or do for you as an individual person. My promise to you is to work for improvements for all of us. I do ask you to look at the broken and unkempt promises from two years ago and remember. We do not need another mayors race “purchased” that way again. Look at ethics and honesty, not just in the lot purchase, but also in the fact the mayor did not disclose his ownership of the trailer park until there was a sworn ethics complaint filed against him. Would you “forget” ownership of a property so visible and valuable?

Many of you have said to me that you just wish all the bad press Senoia is getting would end. The way to end it is to remove the person doing the questionable, unethical, and wrong things. I had a legal and moral obligation to make the issues known because you elected me and I took the oath of office to heart. I could do no less.

My decision to seek this office did not come lightly. I know first hand the cost and sacrifices that come with the job. The encouragement and support from so many of you has overwhelmed and humbled me. I can not thank you enough. From a personal standpoint I will be a winner no matter which way the election turns out. If I win there is opportunity to keep working for you for positive change. If I lose then my name is not associated with the continuing arrogance of an administration whose behavior is unethical, perhaps illegal, and refuses to even look at the issue.

The decision rests with you. I ask that all voters exercise the great freedom we have and go to the polls to be heard. Thank you.

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