Robert Hannah

Thu, 11/03/2005 - 4:54pm
By: Candidates Forum

Again, I am pleased with the accomplishments of the past two years and would appreciate your support in re-electing me to serve for another term. Some accomplishments of my Administration and Staff follow:

· Completed Sewer Project on TIME/on BUDGET.
· Negotiated with county to provide Senior Citizens building and ballpark with $190,000 sewage improvements with little cost to the city.

· Coordinated with state DOT to construct temporary right turning lanes at Hwy 85/16 intersection. Permanent turning lanes scheduled for Jan 06.

· Negotiated with county to provide non-emergency 911 services.

· Finished construction of Public Works Building - $450,000.

· Improved City property at Pylant & Hwy 16.
· Brought back to life the expiring CMAQ Grant that will provide walking/bike trail connecting all parks.

· Started S.O.S. program to improve quality of life for public housing neighborhood. Coordinated with citizens and efforts of RDC requesting a $500,000 Grant to make improvements.

· Efforts are underway to improve water and appearance of Hutchinson Lake.

· Worked diligently with Peachtree City in requesting Rockaway Road realignment.

· Supported DDA in their efforts to create opportunities for Senoia, i.e, car show, parade, etc.

· Sought a professional grant writer for sidewalks and transportation enhancements.

· Coordinating with the county to provide a location for construction of a new county funded library. Estimated cost $500,000.

· Working with the Park Committee to make improvements to Freeman Sasser Park.

· Procuring clear title for old Public Works building and acreage.

· Improving water pressure and reserve by constructing a 500,000 gallon water tank with loan from GEFA.

· Enhancing website to provide a working tool to better inform citizens of activities.

· Contracted with JJ&G to complete our Comprehensive 20 Year and Short Term Work Plans.

· Improving city streets including Rockaway Road with LARP assistance and city expenses of $200,000. Damaged street repair along with water runoff will start in Nov. 05.

· Procured a $100,000 Grant to help purchase 47 acres for green space and passive park area - $665,000.

· Completed 2004 with $200,000 added to Reserve. The 2005 Budget is on target, expect to do same this year. Completing 2006 Budget.

· Reduced tax mileage rate for the past two years.

· Hired new Public Works Director, City Administrator, Judge & Solicitor for City Court, Librarian.

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