Visual arts thrive at Landmark Christian School

Wed, 06/28/2006 - 9:38am
By: The Citizen

If you walk into the lobby of Landmark Christian School on any given day, you will immediately sense that the Visual Arts at Landmark are thriving. Beautiful and varied displays of art are continuously updated, as current student work is showcased throughout the lobby and main hallways of the school. There is a lot of excitement at Landmark in all areas of Fine Arts, and the Visual Art Department is a strong contributor to that excitement.

This fall, Landmark's elementary and middle school art rooms were both renovated and relocated. This required an incredible amount of work on the part of construction workers and teachers, Lee Pollard and Tina Eden. Both teachers worked out of carts and make-shift art rooms for months. They were each rewarded for their sacrifice when they each moved into their up-to-date art rooms.

Landmark's first photography class has been met with great enthusiasm by students and faculty. Photography students learn how to use 35mm film and digital cameras, create Polaroid color transfers and photo mosaics and tackle assignments specific to certain lighting and mood.

The Fall Art Expo was held at the Centre for Performing and Visual Art, in conjunction with the performance of “King David Oratorio.” A wide variety of student art work, from students of every age, was displayed.

In November, the high school visual art department visited the High Museum to view the Andrew Wyeth exhibit and the High Museum expansion. The field trip also included a tour of the Lagerquist gallery, the oldest working gallery in Atlanta.

This year four students were selected to display their work at the Georgia All State Festival of Art and Design: Stephen Calsebeek, Kristin Haner, Katie Gunter, and Emily Stotler. Haner and Calsbeek have also entered the National Foundation for the Advancement in the Arts Competition for a chance to win a $10,000 college scholarship.

The visual arts department at Landmark is a productive blend of beauty, creativity, excellence, enthusiasm, and vitality.

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