Gloria Furr

Tue, 11/01/2005 - 7:44pm
By: Candidates Forum

My definition of quality growth is growth that balances both growth and taxes and that will allow all the citizens of Tyrone to enjoy our small town feel and family-friendly atmosphere. As councilperson, I will listen to the taxpayers of Tyrone on important issues such as our comprehensive plan, recreation, sewer, transportation, etc.

I will strive to develop a strategic plan that will encompass the desires of the people without changing the life styles we have grown to expect. Infrastructure issues should be addressed and examined before development occurs. Erosion issues in Tyrone must be eliminated through proper planning and inspections. Environmental concerns will be carefully considered. The Federal Clean Water Act requires all communities to have a Storm Water Management Plan. A Storm Water Plan for Tyrone should be based on a well thought out and continuous program of coordination and communication with our citizens. Town management, business representatives and residents need to develop a strategic plan to ensure that this plan meets the needs of the Town and its residents. I will work diligently on these issues.

Tyrone will loose its rural character once downtown revitalization plan takes place. How will life change for those residents who have lived in Tyrone all their lives? The more recent residents of Tyrone who moved here expected an atmosphere other than the hustle and bustle of larger cities and towns. I will do my very best to assure they are not disappointed! Whose taxes will be funding the envisioned changes such as a new town hall, police station, water treatment plant, etc.? Were these expansion costs anticipated when these people move here? I think not!

As those who know me can verify, I have consistently attended past Planning Commission and Town Council Meetings and I have spoken about many of the issues brought before them. I am familiar with the issues currently being addressed and, when elected, I will do my best to maintain the land use plan as written and will only approve changes to the plans that enhance the Town’s strategic plan. I will seek advice and guidance from all citizens of Tyrone. I will solicit input on important issues such as erosion control, protection of the environment, long term planning, and infrastructure challenges including looming sewer issues. I will demand fiscal responsibility!

I look forward to serving as your next councilperson.

Gloria Furr

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