Grace Caldwell

Tue, 11/01/2005 - 7:42pm
By: Candidates Forum

In response to last week’s candidate’s forum, I have the following comments.

In my opinion, Tyrone’s inconsistent growth is due to the breaking of Tyrone’s Land Use Plan by the current Mayor and Council. The Planning commission members, past and present, have no Transportation Plan. One critical component of a re-zoning request, and the resulting expected overcrowding of schools, should be traffic planning. I will continue Councilwoman Redwood’s quest to assure that all rezoning requests are complete and accurate. I assure you, I will consider requests only when complete data is available to make fully informed decisions.

The results of erosion in Lake Pendleton, South Fork S/D and many other locations in Tyrone continue to plague the citizens of Tyrone. If elected, erosion control and environmental considerations will be a hallmark of my representation of you. In the past, Tyrone has not used bonds as an option to raise capital. Would a more prudent decision on the downtown development plan be to get a cost estimate for the proposed municipal buildings, including a Tyrone sewer plant (& it’s inevitable, folks) and let the voters decide on whether they want a downtown development? Bonds assure that the users of capital assets, now and in the future, share in these long term capital costs. Capital improvements taken from current assets are too much of a tax burden on current residents.

A focus group currently exist in Tyrone! Formed in the name of necessity, the Neighborhood Alliance was born! Member of the Alliance from every corner of Tyrone have expressed the view of many of the Tyrone residents; however, the Tyrone Mayor and council have continued on a path designed without citizen input. The recent Shamrock Park decision by the Fayette County Commission is an indication of lack of communication between the County and the Tyrone government. Strategic planning and thoughtful decisions with citizen input are required. I will bring these qualities to the new Council.

For the past five years, Tyrone taxpayers have experienced tax increases resulting in taxes that are the highest in the County. Council, in the past, has gone on record professing to enact a roll-back to the millage rate. However; when spending is decided upon prior to establishing a tax base, it proves difficult. I will express a strong voice to assure managed spending is carried out in our town.

I look forward to serving you.

Grace Caldwell

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