Harold Logsdon

Tue, 11/01/2005 - 7:39pm
By: Candidates Forum

As we near Election Day, many issues have been discussed, many arguments put forward, and you have inevitably received no less than six different answers to the question “Why do you want to be Mayor?” However, I have maintained that our citizens are most concerned over issues of leadership, accountability, and quality of life here in Peachtree City. It has been confirmed to me through my numerous discussions with citizens of our city during this campaign. Time and time again, those discussions turn to the quality of leadership in our community. I am more determined than ever to bring a sense of responsibility, cooperation, and common sense to the office of Mayor.

I have more than 35 years of experience in both the business world and the military. I can put this experience to good use in leading Peachtree City into the next decade. My skills as a Certified Internal Auditor and my experience in fraud investigation and business operations will help me lead our community in a positive direction following four years of uncooperative and confrontational dealing by the current mayor.

As the many disasters of 2005 have shown us, leadership matters in times of crisis. I would also make a strong argument that our relationships with county, state, and Federal governments count the most in times of need. Therefore, we must have a Mayor who can rebuild the broken bridges surrounding our city so that in the event of a time of crisis we won’t be left to wonder. Through my responsibilities both in business and military operations, I have the experience to quickly analyze and respond to critical situations. In times of crisis, I am a leader who will stand firm, make informed choices, and utilize our good will through relationship building with our neighbors.

On November 8th, you will cast a decisive vote for the next Mayor of this city. I ask for your vote and your support, and together we will lead Peachtree City forward in a spirit of cooperation and face the challenges ahead in a positive and constructive manner.

Harold Logsdon

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