Michael Arterburn

Tue, 11/01/2005 - 7:36pm
By: Candidates Forum

Peachtree City Voters,

The reason I am running for mayor is to help this city thrive. The other candidates are older and probably know more about politics than I do, but what I have is motivation and dedication for and to this city. I came back after the military and my education because I have always loved Peachtree City. I believe that I am the best candidate for the job. In my current position as general manager I have learned how hard it is to take time for other things, including trying to run a campaign by myself. I have not and will not accept any campaign contributions because I believe it is wrong to take people’s hard earned money. I believe that I will do as well a job in the mayor’s seat as I am doing running my boss’ business. I want to apologize to all the people of Peachtree City that were expecting to see me at thecandidate forums that were held, but I believe in doing my job 100 percent. I have been working 60-80 hours per week just to keep my store making money. I like to help people and to help Peachtree City is a goal I have in life. I wish all the candidates good luck in their bid for office, may the best candidate win the seat. I think every candidate has something to offer to Peachtree City. If there is any resident in Peachtree City that wants any questions answered by me either email me at: marterburn@yahoo.com or call me at 678-982-0719.

Michael Arterburn
Mayoral Candidate

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