Council to consider sex offender resolution

Tue, 11/01/2005 - 7:13pm
By: John Munford

Thursday night, the Peachtree City Council will consider a resolution encouraging the state legislature to double the distance a registered sex offender must live from schools, playgrounds and child care centers.

The resolution was prepared at the request of Mayor Steve Brown, who wants the distance lengthened from 1,000 feet to 2,000 feet. In August, Brown said he wanted the city to adopt an ordinance with the more stringent requirements in an attempt to keep sex predators from making contact with children.

At the time, he suggested that convicted sex offenders would be allowed to pass through the protected zones so long as they didn’t loiter. The ordinance would protect children who have to walk to school because they live within a mile of their school, Brown added.

If approved, the resolution would be forwarded to the General Assembly.

Council is also expected to consider re-affirming its multi-family zoning moratorium, which forbids property owners from seeking that type of rezoning application unless council votes to lift the moratorium for that specific property.

The current moratorium expires Jan. 1. It was enacted to limit the burden on police, fire and school services in addition to air quality concerns.

Also up for council consideration is a street resurfacing agreement with Fayette County, which would have the county’s public works department providing labor and equipment to resurface city streets. The city will pay for the materials and for any truck rental if necessary.

The city would also be responsible for patching, crack sealing, traffic control, clean up and any milling and striping, according to the agreement.

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