Over a hundred riders in BMX state qualifier in PTC

Thu, 06/15/2006 - 2:52pm
By: The Citizen

PTC BMX state qualifier The state qualifier in Peachtree City on June 3 featured some high flying action. Photo/Ian Davis.
The state qualifier on June 3 was the first of four rounds that the Georgia’s BMX riders would be racing in to qualify for the State Championships in Augusta, Ga. this September.

Albany, McDonough and Augusta will host the other qualifying rounds. Riders must race in two qualifiers and eight local races to secure entry into the State Championships. The top 15 riders in each class qualify to race in the Presidents Cup, State vs. State, in Ohio over Christmas.
The June 3 qualifier saw 107 registered riders race for their state. The youngest rider was four year old Caleb Brown, and the most senior rider was 72 year old Phares Parsons.

The fastest growing classes are the Pocket Rockets (ages five and under) and the six and seven year-olds. Their bikes are almost bigger than they are. This is truly a sport for all ages, girls and boys, men and women. There are entire families who race locally and nationally, and if they don’t race they give their time by volunteering on race day.

“We were honored to have Ruth and Dan Asci, past Georgia State Commissoner and Track Director from the 1980’s through 1990 drop the gate for this event,” said PTC BMX president Shayne Robinson.

BMX is gaining momentum again as we draw close to our debut in the 2008 Olympics in China.
Local websites are www.ptcbmx.com or www.georgiabmx.org.

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