PTC OK's sewer for offices in county

Thu, 06/08/2006 - 3:00pm
By: John Munford

Plan still needs county approval

The Peachtree City Council has approved allowing two office-zoned parcels in the county to hook up to the city's sewer system at the city's southern limits.

Dr. Anthony Lawson said his main reason for wanting to get sewer access for his property off Redwine Road and Ga. Highway 74 was to avoid putting a septic system drain field 15 feet from the setback adjacent to the playground for Peeples Elementary School.

Lawson said his current building and two new office buildings would not increase in size due to the sewer access instead of septic to handle sewage. The proposed office buildings will total 22,000 sq. ft. in size.

Lawson wants to tie into the sewer line that will be constructed for an adjacent subdivision proposed by developer Bob Rolader, which is also located in the unincorporated county.

Although the Fayette County Commission has opposed the use of sewage treatment in the unincorporated county to control growth, the commission signed off on Rolader's request in part because of a state law that requires sewer service to be provided if a parcel is within 500 feet of a sewer line.

For the request to be acted on, the county will also have to sign off on Lawson's proposal.

Councilmen Stuart Kourajian and Judi-ann Rutherford said they wouldn't be in favor of the request if it was for property on the other side of Rolader's. But Dr. Lawson's parcel is basically surrounded by the Rolader property and the school.

Larry Turner, general manager of the city's Water and Sewer Authority, said the agency had no problems with the request. Medical offices have to dispose of their hazardous waste separately instead of funneling it into the sewer system, Turner noted.

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