$1 million park planned for Senoia

Thu, 06/08/2006 - 2:55pm
By: John Thompson

City OKs $1 million in renovations to park

After years of fits and starts, Senoia’s City park is getting a $1 million upgrade.

During Monday night’s meeting of the City Council staged in the city’s park, the city’s park committee gave their vision of what the park could become in the next few years. With the city’s new library already slated to go in the park, the committee wants the whole area to be a showcase for the city.

“We’d like the library to look like a train depot and have a platform on the back so kids could watch the trains coming,” said committee member Gary Gruby.

Committee member Alison Baker said the new park would feature two playgrounds and feature age-appropriate equipment. The equipment is built of redwood and is in a fort design that allows kids to camper to the top. Other equipment planned for the park includes:
• A rock climbing tunnel.
•A four-seat spring rider.
•A daddy long legs jungle gym.
• Bucket swings.

Other upgrades in the park will be new park benches and picnic tables, bike parking racks and better park signage. The park will be re-graded and have fences around the playgrounds.

The park committee is hopeful that the initial upgrade is only the beginning. In phase two of the plan set for 2008, committee members are hopeful of installing a splash pad water play area, walking trails and skateboard ramps. The third phase to be completed in 2009 would add soccer fields and an amphitheater to the park.

“You’ve done a great job with this plan, and all the park committee needs to be congratulated,” said Councilman Perry Benson.

The majority of the $1 million needed for the first phase will be funded by Special Purpose Local Option Sales tax, along with impact fees. The council voted unanimously to take $183,000 from reserves to fully fund the first phase. Work is expected to begin later this year, when work starts on the library.

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