Town changes alcohol ordinance

Mon, 05/22/2006 - 8:40am
By: John Thompson

The prospects for more restaurants in Tyrone improved Thursday night as the Town Council voted to make a change in the alcohol ordinance.

Developer Burt Clark, who is developing the commercial area on Ga. Highway 74 that will contain the Legacy Theatre, told the council that he needed the separation distance for alcohol sales to be changed from 300 ft. to 250 ft. from the nearest residence.

The development is in front of the Millbrook subdivision and Clark said he met with the residents to discuss the proposal. He agreed to deed restrict the two buildings that are closest to the subdivision and not allow alcohol sales He also agreed to build a privacy fence behind the commercial area to further protect the residents . But in the other four parcels, Clark would like to encourage two restaurants to locate next to the theater, to give the area a true mixed-use feel.

Town attorney Brad Sears said that many of the municipalities that he deals with were removing all distance restrictions governing alcohol sales next to subdivisions.

Councilman Grace Caldwell was not very keen on alcohol sales being that close to the theater.

“Their are going to be a lot of children at the theater,’ she said.

Clark said that most of the children would be taking field trips to the theater in the mornings, while the evening shows would be more along the line of an off-Broadway show.

After the town approved the change, resident David Nebergall said he wished the entire ordinance hadn’t been changed and another solution could have been found.

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