Fairburn Police Blotter

Mon, 05/15/2006 - 10:28am
By: The Citizen

The following arrests were made by Fairburn Police between April 26 and May 9:

Derrick Glover, 23, Union City, suspended license

Noe Paque, 31, Roswell, driving without license

Jackie Armstrong, 46, Carrollton, suspended license

Alvaro Chacon, 23, Fairburn, driving while unlicensed

Johnny Lacey, 78, Fairburn, disorderly conduct

Daniel Groover, 27, Fairburn, possession of marijuana

Samuel Alexander, 19, Fairburn, driving while unlicensed

Christopher Mayo, 19, Atlanta, trespass

Dejuan Kelly, 19, Fairburn, obstruction of officers

Durron Dunnum, 19, Palmetto, trespass

Maziar Vafadri, 19, Columbus, theft by shoplifting

Ternesca Richey, 23, Fairburn, possession of marijuana

Antonio Jose, 42, Fairburn, false report of crime

Rogelio Dominquez, 38, Fairburn, simple battery

Latonia Williams, 26, Graham, suspended license

Dewayne Jennings, 45, Fairburn, possession-drug related objects

Ignacio Portillo, 34, Fairburn, driving while unlicensed

Joylessa Roby, 17, Fairburn, obstruction of officers

Demonte Hall, 19, Fairburn, aggravated stalking

Yvonne Elder, 45, Fairburn, obstruction of officers

Eddie Wells, 63, Atlanta, disorderly conduct

Justin Searcy, 17, Fairburn, trespass

Marvin Mahanay, 52, Fairburn, possession of a controlled substance

Larry Elder, 18, Fairburn, criminal trespass

Brenton Crowe, 23, Union City, probation violation

Ruby Beasley, 38, Fairburn, theft of services

Jeff Allen, 31, Atlanta, theft by conversion

Olvino Holmes, 32, Villa rica, theft by conversion

Corey Strong, 17, Fairburn, possession of drug related objects

Candy Odem, 32, Fairburn, suspended license

Allan Francis, 18, Palmetto, no insurance

Tameka Rebert, 24, Fairburn, cruelty to children

Santiago Lopez, 45, Fayetteville, driving while unlicensed

Justin Christian, 22, Fairburn, criminal trespass

Alonso Avila, 37, College Park, driving while unlicensed

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