Program your cell phone for emergency: Make it ICE

Thu, 05/11/2006 - 4:07pm
By: John Munford

The Peachtree City Fire Department is asking citizens to program special emergency contact numbers into their cell phones under the listing “ICE,” the acronym short for “In Case of Emergency.”

That way, paramedics and EMTs have a quick way to contact someone who can provide valuable information on how to treat an unconscious victim, said Sgt. Chris Campbell of the Peachtree City Fire Department. In an emergency, such a system will save valuable time when rescue workers need such crucial information, he said.

Campbell suggests listing more than one emergency contact by using the designations “ICE 1, “ICE 2” and so on.

The fire department has trained its personnel to look for ICE numbers when they come across an unconscious person who has been involved in an accident.

The department will also offer special ICE stickers free to the public so residents can identify they are participating in the program. The stickers are available at any fire station in the city.

Rescue workers will look for the sticker on victims’ cell phones and driver’s licenses, Campbell said.

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