Weary of blaming Bush’s oil buddies

Tue, 05/09/2006 - 4:04pm
By: Letters to the ...

I am tired of Bush haters, like Mr. Bishop of Fayetteville, who recently shared his opinion on gas prices in your newspaper, selectively listening to the President.

Mr. Bishop whines about the President and his oil executive buddies reaping profits. This is a pretty simplistic view, easy to project simply because Bush hails from Texas.

During his last state of the union address my ears heard Bush admit that the country is addicted to oil. I also believe he is a proponent of domestic drilling in Alaska, as well as development of alternative fuel research.

The same capitalistic forces that allow them to make a big profit now are going to force the oil companies’ hands when American ingenuity kicks in and competition sees a way to make big profits in alternative energy.

Bush understands this. In the interim, maybe Mr. Bishop should move to Brazil.

M. Lassig
Peachtree City, Ga.

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