Roy Farr

Mon, 10/31/2005 - 10:32am
By: Candidates Forum

I am a lifetime Fairburn native having served on the city council for 35 years, being its senior member. I am one of only 10 people nationwide named to the Steering Committee of the National League of Cities. I have served on the Small Cities Council Steering Committee of the Georgia Municipal Association for five years. One of the greatest accomplishments was to vote for the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia, which has saved our citizens untold amounts of money over the years. Since I am retired, I am always available to the job and have always tried to be accountable to the citizens of Fairburn, voting in the best interest of the city as well as its citizens.

The reason I am seeking reelection for four more years is to continue to make Fairburn a progressive city, continuing our small town atmosphere. I am against a tax increase for the city. I will seek to make Duncan Park a place to be used for all our citizens. I will work to establish our own fire department in Fairburn which will save us money in the long run. I will seek to establish a joint water authority with Union City and Palmetto, which will eliminate our dependence on the City of Atlanta for water service and would further reduce city cost. I will seek good and smart growth for our city, making sure we have commercial and industrial growth, which will help our tax base.

Roy Farr
City Councilmember
City of Fairburn, GA

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