Kiwanis Fair site sold to school system

Tue, 05/02/2006 - 4:01pm
By: John Thompson

This could be the last year for lovers of Fayette County’s annual Kiwanis Fair to explore the sights and sounds of the midway at the fairgrounds complex on Goza Road.

The Fayette County Board of Education approved the purchase of Kiwanis Fairgrounds on Goza Road Monday night for $1.65 million and plans to turn the site into the school system’s transportation hub.

“We want to get all the buses out of Fayetteville, where all the traffic is, and have them at the south end of the county,” said Superintendent of Education John DeCotis.

Currently, the transportation department is housed behind the system’s central office on Stonewall Avenue and is rapidly running out of room.

He added that the board did not set a timetable for the move, but also has an idea on what it wants to do with the property behind the central office.

“The board wants to construct a building that would house a lot of the offices that are in the Lafayette Education Center now,” she said.

Once those offices are moved, the school system could use the space at Lafayette for a charter school, which is something school officials for years have talked about starting.

DeCotis said the school system agreed to let the fair be staged at the Goza Road site, as long as officials comply with school policies, such as no alcohol and tobacco use.

After this year, DeCotis said the system will work with the Kiwanis to let the fair be staged on Goza Road or at another site owned by the school system.

“We want to work with them because they’ve given so much to the community,” he added.

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