Old Hwy. 138 to remain closed

Tue, 05/02/2006 - 3:47pm
By: John Thompson

It’s back to square one for residents of Shenandoah Estates who had hoped the Fayette County Commission would reopen Old Ga. Highway 138.

The County Commission split on the decision Thursday night, with commissioners Herb Frady and Robert Horgan supporting opening the road, while commissioners Linda Wells, Peter Pfeifer and Chairman Greg Dunn voted against it.

Residents in Shenandoah Estates argued the road should be opened because children have to walk around a wall the county erected to close the road to get to their bus stop. Residents also argued there is only one entrance and exit for emergency vehicles to enter the subdivision.

Frady argued the road should never have been closed and favored expanding it to 20 feet wide to make it safer for residents.

“Closing it just doesn’t make sense to me,” he added.

But Commissioner Linda Wells said the issue was pretty clear-cut in her mind.

“If we opened the road, we would be accommodating a group of people at the detriment and safety of another group,” she said.

The road was closed in 2002 after residents in the Highland Hills subdivision complained the road was being used as a cut-through for residents seeking a short cut to Ga. Highway 279 from Ga. Highway 138.

“I can’t in good conscience tear that wall down,” said Chairman Dunn.

After the meeting, Shenandoah Estates residents said the situation was far from settled and would continue their fight to provide better access to the subdivision.

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