Oticon Delta helps baby boomers look as sharp as they hear

Tue, 04/25/2006 - 1:29pm
By: The Citizen

Leading hearing aid manufacturer Oticon, Inc. today introduced a groundbreaking hearing device designed to change forever the perception of hearing aids among the 50-plus generation. Called Oticon Delta, the miniature hearing device with its trendy triangular shape and stylish colours appears to have more in common with tiny high-tech communication devices or cool fashion accessories than traditional hearing aids.

Make no mistake; however, this New Age digital hearing device is fully loaded. Oticon recognized that designing a hearing aid that appealed to Baby Boomers’ desire for attractive, high-tech solutions was only the first step in gaining acceptance among adults beginning to experience hearing loss. In fact, the trendy ear “accessory” houses state-of-the-art computer technology that is aimed at boosting speech understanding in difficult listening situations for a younger generation of users.

“This is definitely not your grandfather’s hearing aid!” says Peer Lauritsen, president of Oticon, Inc. “For the first time we have a hearing device that combines cutting edge hearing aid technology with contemporary design to attract image-conscious, technology-savvy Baby Boomers. Delta is ideal for this active generation who is experiencing light to moderate hearing loss and need to boost speech understanding in difficult listening situations.”

Fashion meets technology

Fashion has never been associated with hearing aids before. Many people still imagine “big beige bananas” behind the ear when thinking of hearing aids. This is certainly not the case with Delta which comes in seventeen different brushed metallic color styles, ranging from “Cabernet Red” and “Samoa Blue” to “Racing Green” and “Wildlife”, that give this sleek and sexy hearing device a new attitude for a new generation of hearing aid users.

“For Delta, we wanted a design concept that would not relate to traditional hearing aids – a unique ‘sensory-assistive device’ to contradict pre-conceived notions of what it means to have a hearing aid.

The resulting combination of fashionable looks and unsurpassed technology makes Delta a triangular star on the hearing aid horizon,” noted Lauritsen.

Hearing but not understanding

Every second person over the age of 50 experiences loss of speech clarity in noisy listening situations. Experts explain that hearing is not the problem, understanding is. As people age, degrees of clarity impairment occur naturally, resulting in the loss of speech information in the high frequencies. This means that consonants, like “s”, “t” and “f” are suddenly more difficult to hear – making understanding conversation difficult.

“Delta is a real ‘consonant booster’ that provides a communication edge in situations where understanding can be a challenge such as at work, in social gatherings or crowded restaurants,” explains Lauritsen. “With Delta, people can easily stay active and in touch with their surroundings without having to worry about missing something. They can put Delta on when they need it and just forget about it.”

Creating a new category

Delta’s innovative design has been made possible by placing its receiver into the ear canal at the end of a thin, transparent sound wire. Not only does this unique approach open the way to design breakthroughs not possible before but it created a whole new category of hearing solutions called RITE (Receiver In The Ear). Combining the best of two worlds, Delta merges the cosmetic advantages of in-the-ear instruments with the technological possibilities of behind-the-ear instruments.

But it is what’s inside that accounts for Delta’s superior performance. The high-tech communication device incorporates an unparalleled battery of must-have features to provide outstanding clear and comfortable sound quality. Delta’s digital “brain”, a miniature processor, is enabled by Artificial Intelligence and makes millions of calculations per second to attenuate noise, accentuate speech and thereby enhance the ability to communicate – even in challenging situations, well-known to dynamic Baby Boomers.

Delta is the latest invention from Oticon, one of the most innovative hearing aid manufacturers on the market. With over 100 years of experience, Oticon looks back on a number of technological breakthroughs in hearing aid history that have made a significant difference for people with hearing loss. Oticon is the only manufacturer with its own research centre ensuring that the needs of hearing aid users are always put first when developing new solutions.

For more information on Oticon Delta, please visit www.my-delta.com or visit Waits Hearing Center in Fayetteville.

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