Thanks, Delta pilots and all employees

Tue, 04/18/2006 - 4:45pm
By: Letters to the ...

My husband would be extremely embarrassed if he knew this letter was about him. He has always been a very modest guy, despite being a fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force for 10 years and an impeccable 20 years of service, as a pilot for Delta Air Lines. I am quite proud of my husband, but I sincerely request that you do not publish my name.

I recently had the pleasure of accompanying him on one of his many trips around the country, something I had not done, in quite some time. It made for an interesting journey, watching and listening to my husband at work, as a captain on a Boeing 767.

I came home with a new appreciation for not only the fine job that he does, but for all the other Delta pilots who continue to fly passengers safely to and from their destinations every day, despite ongoing major problems at their very troubled airline.

It is a very stressful time for them and for all the Delta employees, most of whom I also observed, were performing well under pressure.

The future of Delta is very uncertain, but we are trying to stay optimistic and hope it will not only survive, but be a great airline to work for once again.

I know for my husband, this is his dream job and one he aspired to from a very young age. After a successful career in the Air Force,he had his choice of airlines to work for, but chose Delta, because they were the best.

He has always been an outstanding employee, a very skilled pilot, dedicated, reliable and steadfast. (I think I can count on one hand the sick days he has taken in 20 years of service.) He is not alone; there are many more just like him, good, honest, loyal, hard-working folks.

In these days with so much negative airline news, I wanted you to read something positive. I also wanted to personally say thank you to my husband and all of you at Delta, who still take pride in the job you do, and for your professionalism in such stormy, turbulent times.

I like to think that Delta will weather this storm and that brighter days are ahead. I believe that this is possible, because of people like you. You are the very best of the best.

Name withheld by request
Peachtree City, Ga.

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