No ‘for sale’ signs going up on PTC’s prime highway parcels

Tue, 03/28/2006 - 6:22pm
By: John Munford

The Peachtree City Council is not about to get into the business of selling property it owns along state highways.

The council received a detailed report at its retreat Friday afternoon on nine parcels the city owns which could be sold for commercial development. City Manager Bernie McMullen said he had asked for the report from City Planner David Rast so council could be made aware of its holdings along state thoroughfares.

The obvious consensus from council was that there was no need to proceed with marketing any of the parcels.

“I’m not thinking we need to put the ‘for sale’ signs up based on what you’ve shown us,” said Mayor Harold Logsdon, echoing a comment from Councilman Stuart Kourajian.

“It was very interesting and informative,” Kourajian said of the presentation.

Councilman Steve Boone noted that he had heard from residents of the Wynnmeade and Planterra Ridge subdivisions who said they did not want to see development of city-owned parcels next to their neighborhood.

Rast’s report detailed:

• Two parcels at the entrance to the Wynnmeade subdivision off Ga. Highway 54 W. which were purchased by the City Council in 2002 for $840,000. One parcel, on the western side of Wynnmeade Parkway, is 2 acres and the other, on the the eastern side of the road, is 2.87 acres. The latter site is slated to be the location of the “gateway” cart path bridge spanning the highway.

• A 4-acre tract on Ga. Highway 74 S. just north of the county’s animal shelter on Rockaway Road; the parcel is leased to the county through October 2007. Rast said seven or eight lots in the Wilshire Estates subdivision back up to this parcel and they had been told previously that it was city-owned greenbelt.

• A 4.4-acre tract across Hwy. 74 from the above-mentioned tract, also fronting on Rockaway Road. It currently is the location of the city’s recycling center, which may be relocated in the future to a larger site. The general consensus of council was to add this parcel to the adjacent Meade Field recreation complex in the future.

• A 1.6-acre tract off Hwy. 74 N. at the intersection with Paschall Road; it is the former site of a fire station and is known as Reed Memorial Park, named after deceased City Fire Chief Gerald Reed. There had been talk of putting a memorial to public safety officers there, and the fire department is studying the feasibility of building a public training facility on the site. The parcel is slated to be served by a multi-use tunnel that will be built under the highway as part of the widening project due to begin as early as 2007.

• A 3.87-acre site off Hwy. 54 on the western side of Planterra Way, just north of the entrance to the Planterra Ridge subdivision. The property is currently vacant and the subdivision’s homeowners association has informed the city it will no longer be landscaping in the area since its sign will be relocated to subdivision-owned property.

• A 2.99-acre site on the eastern side of Planterra Way, just north of the Peachtree City Tennis Center. The land is currently vacant but could be used to expand tennis courts at the complex.

• A 2-acre site off Hwy. 54 that is adjacent to the Line Creek Nature Area. The land is currently vacant.

• A small tract (size undisclosed) on Hwy. 54 E. that was the former right-of-way for Carriage Lane before the road was realigned to intersect with Walt Banks Road. The property is currently vacant.

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