Town turns down office space

Mon, 03/20/2006 - 12:48pm
By: John Thompson

The Tyrone Town Council drew a line in the sand Thursday night on the encroachment of office uses near residential areas.

Russell Jones was turned down in his request to convert his home at 632 Dogwood Trail from residential to Office-Institutional. Jones’ representative, Chip Barron, argued the surrounding area was turning into office uses because of the “changing nature of Dogwood Trail.”

Barron also said it was the best and highest use of Jones’ property and the Land Use Plan designated the two-acre site as Office-institutional.

But the neighbors surrounding the property beseeched the council to turn down the request.

“This directly adjoins our property and it’s a mistake on the land use map,’ argued Nancy Nebergall. He husband, David, said he had researched the matter and discovered the tract was inadvertently placed as Office-Institutional when the Market Place rezoning took place, because it was thought to be part of that tract.

“it would cause a drop in our property values,” said John Watkins, who lives near the site.

Planning Commission chairman Ginger Blackstone said the Planning Commission unanimously turned down the rezoning because they didn’t want to see more office space in that section of Tyrone.

The Town Council agreed and turned it down unanimously.

“I just hate to see more O and I creeping into residential areas,” said Council member Gloria Furr.

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