It IS the Economy STUPID

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America is PO’ed. It is pretty clear that the majority sentiment out there is disgust with Congress and this Administration.

Obama still just does not get it..or maybe he does..

He came out after the Massacre in Massachusetts and talked how he "gets it now".

"We want Healthcare and we want it now"..

We do?

No we want JOBS.. we want the Government to STOP SPENDING OUR TAX DOLLARS.

77% of Investors says Obama is Anti-Business.

That is a job killer. The market has lost 5% in the last few days. There is too much confusion and distrust in the market.

Why is Obama on this one way street?

Why when every poll has said that we are more concerned with the Economy NOT Healthcare and yet Obama still drives it forward?

Why with losses in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts after Obama campaigns there does he still believe we want more of the same?

Oh and the "maybe he does" part..

Classic Cloward and Piven strategy they have to overload the system.. crash it if you will.. so they can re-build it into a new Global Progressive system..

You cannot allow the Government to create JOBS.. The current cost per job created is over $413,000 per JOB "created". That is from the site.

We want the Government out of the way. WE want the Government to allow the Free Market to work. We want some accountability.. no not from Banks and "BIG" anything.. We want it from the Government.

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