Well, do we do the "dribble down," theory or do we take the dribble at the top?

That is the question.

Then, Of course, do we make work for people in the upper middle class and lower upper class; or do we make work for the workers on whom the others can make their fortune that way? There will of course be fewer in the latter than in the former!

That is another question.

After that we must consider whether we supply democracy to most of the world--even with wars--or do we avoid most of the wars and mind our own business.

That is a further question.

As to health care and insurance care and doctors and hospitals, are we to allow private capitalism to call those shots--leaving out many--or are we to supply some form of care to everyone and maybe
fewer jobs in that industry to pay for it?

That is a theoretical question.

As to unharnessed credit and stock manipulation to rule the economy, are we maybe going to limit their authority and imagination?

That is a survival question.

If one doesn't realize by now that the current method of running all of the above is 75% socialism already then that seems to be our communications problem.
For instance, the very operation of health Insurance companies where they gamble on how many will need lots of money and how many not, is socialism.

We spread it around already, don't we. The Military does it, Life Insurance does it, Banks do it, credit cards do it, churches do it, and welfare does it.

The secret is to allow capitalism to develop progress and trust them--- but verify!

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