The Citizen Editor & Free Speech section

The editor explained recently why he had to stop the printed Free Speech.
The reason he said, was the cost of extra space required for the program.
Usually pages of print are done in twos, so I suppose that means if he adds one for Free Speech, he will have to pay for two.

I don't know the "fixed" overhead of the newspaper (those cost that are and will be there no matter how much you print) but it doesn't appear to me that very much else has to be cut much to allow a Free Speech section.

Here are some suggestions for cuts or reductions in space:
Cal Thomas, FOX man; Dick Morris, FOX man and an immoral; William Murchison, Mainline Christianity; Thomas Sowell, Hoover Institution, Conservative/Libertarian stronghold; Walter Williams, Uncle Tom.
Staff Articles are yummy and long, also.

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