Tyrone continues work to run off businesses

The Fayette County News reported the “diligent” work of council to stifle businesses in Tyrone by passing a new sign ordinance in 2009 limiting the size and number of signs allowed at businesses. Along with its restrictive zoning ordinance, the new sign ordinance guarantees the death of its downtown business area.

The few businesses left have been struggling in this recession to keep their doors open, some by limiting hours and laying off employees. By further limiting advertising by signs, the government is sending a clear message to any one wanting to start a business to stay out. High priced lawyers are on standby to defeat anyone who opposes this loss of constitutional freedom of speech.

The council’s plan to run off all business is working well. There has never been a sign on 74 Highway directing potential customers to exit to downtown. Dozens of businesses have already shut down and applications for new business is non-existent.

Danny Carden (Carden Plumbing) who had a long time plumbing company in Tyrone was run off in 2007 by the zoning which illegally took away his business use. Mr. Carden stated this week that he went to Fayetteville and is much happier now and has been welcomed by the Fayetteville government.

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