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I had intended to wrap up Mary Amelia Jones’ family this week but two things popped up which require dealing with before we go any farther.

The first is something many of you have asked about — how to access these columns from past years. As you know, when we redesigned the Web site, all the archived columns disappeared from the site.

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The next thing I want to cover is some erroneous information in last week’s column regarding the Batte family.

Although I am told that I printed correctly what Mrs. McCall had in her book, “McCall-Tidwell and Allied Families,” the information conflicts with what other researchers know from private family records.

Mary Harper of Florida, my biggest contributor to the Bethany families series last spring and summer, has also researched the Batte family which not only connects to the Joneses but also connects to the Hunt family (and thus to the Harpers, Rivers, Boyds, etc. of Bethany).

Mary writes:

“I found your column this week really interesting. Yes, the Batte line is mine also — well, my husband’s line. Martha Batte, daughter of William Batte Jr. and Agnes Birchette, married Judkins Hunt, Sr. and they moved to Georgia. William, Jr. was the son of William Batte, Sr. and Mary Stratton. He was the son of Henry Batte, Sr. and Mary Lounds and he the son of Capt. John Batte of Okewell. The Hunts of Bethany come from this line.

“The below paragraph from your column I believe is a mistake and I will explain why.

(What I wrote last week) “Henry Batte settled in Charles City County, married, and in 1723 became the guardian for a young lady named Elizabeth Chamberlayne, daughter of Thomas Chamberlayne and his second wife, Elizabeth Stratton.

About four years later, in 1727, Henry Batte’s son, Henry (Jr.) married this \Elizabeth Chamberlayne.” (End of what I wrote.)

Mary continues: “Henry Batte, son of Capt. John Batte, married Mary Lounds. They had Mary, Elizabeth, Rachel, Sarah, Henry, Ann and William (Sr.). This Henry died in 1703 so he couldn’t be the one who became the guardian of Elizabeth Chamberlayne.

“His son, Henry, died unmarried. He left a will dated 23 July 1727, probated 10 Oct 1727 in Prince George Co., Va. He named his mother, Mary, and all his brothers and sisters in the will.

“The Henry who I believe married Elizabeth Chamberlayne was the son of William Batte, Sr. and Mary Stratton. Henry and Elizabeth were first cousins since she was the daughter of Thomas Chamberlayne and Elizabeth Stratton. The will of this Henry Batte was probated in Chesterfield Co., VA in 1770. Henry and Elizabeth’s daughter Elizabeth married Richard Jones. I believe this fits in with what you said.

“I haven’t read anything about a guardianship. It may be so, but I don’t know about it.

“A lot of this came from “Southside Virginia Families,” Vol. 1 by John Bennett Boddie and a small typed pamphlet written by Charles H. Hamlin, professional genealogist, of Richmond, Va. It was probably research he did for someone. I found it in the Orlando library. It is well documented.

“Will you check me out on this? This is a very confusing line not to mention the Strattons and Sheppys. Martha ?? Sheppy married Edward Stratton, Sr. after her husband Thomas Sheppy died. Then her daughter Martha married Edward Stratton, Jr.

“I am looking forward to the next installment. Best regards, Mary”

I scanned the pages in question from the McCall-Tidwell book (she has the “Sheppy” family as “Shippey”) and sent them to Mary and she reiterated that Mrs. McCalls’s information was in error, probably because some private Batte records were available only to Batte family members, the public ones having been destroyed.

Also, in 1931, when the book was written, there was much less information available than there is now.

I thank Mary for the correction and hope those of you with Batte ancestry will take note of it.

Now, with that said, I promise I’ll finish Mary Amelia Jones’ story next week.

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Until next week, happy hunting!

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