When will it start?

The repossessing of the PTC excess commercial and expensive homes.

How much longer can those apartments at Braelinn with a pool with a bar and indoor golf cart parking afford to stay open with 85% emptiness?

Is that unwanted stuff across 54 from Five Guys hamburgers really going to be opened? Who is paying the bills for it to sit there? It has a neighbor "round" shopping center I think with three tennants (is it Nails, and gold buying maybe?).

WAMU Bank in Disney World disappeared but has very few neighbors making any money.

That stuff across from Publix East looks lonely and abandoned--How are those Condos (or whatever they are) doing?
The liquor store will do fine.

The "Little" Kroger in Peachtree Crossings
Is a pretty good payer to the Landlord in spite of being empty and ruining the rest in that strip!

I don't go to Kedron (Target, Kroger, etc.) so I don't know how that is going.

If one checks a credit score on some of the PTC homeowners, say in Smokerise, Estates, Planterra, etc., would they be able to tell what homes will soon be available at a big discount?

Miracles aren't likely to happen in these places. Sad that we voted like we did in 2000. Be careful we don't do that ever again.

Ten more years, just like in 1929-1939.

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